BildFür die Jubiläumsgala des Literarischen Zentrums Göttingen am 7. April 2005 im Deutschen Theater Göttingen hat Coyote Call Studio einige O-Töne der Veranstaltungen als Brickfilme umgesetzt. Sehen Sie, wie Rüdiger Suchsland unvorsichtigerweise darauf besteht, daß Dieter Pfaff ein Gutenachtständchen singen soll:

Leg-O-Töne: Pfaff

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BildIt tried to do a music video some time ago. I got stuck in the middle of it - but somebody might relate to it anyway. So please put you mind to Linkin Park's Papercut

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steineHere it is: Coyote Call Studios official entry for the 10 Brick Contest. It focuses on Blue and Red, two out-of-date bricks, who have a little conversation on the beach...

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MikeIt's me. Mike. And I'm actually on the mic. See upcoming Interview-Shows with extraordinary special guests form film and show bizz.
The first episode "The Arnie Situation " finds former international sports super star Mike in his new role as talkshow host on American television having a perfectly normal celebrity chat with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger...

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BildYou might be interested, how our actors became what they are: Coyote Call Studios Megastars. Well, here you go, watch them apply for their jobs in these unofficial casting videos:

Mike's first attempt
Mike's second attempt
Papercut's community worker's entrance into showbiz

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